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Exchange Protocol Description

The protocol supports two types of exchange protocols: binary (HEX) and character view (transmission of ASCIIsequences). It is recommended to use binary exchange protocol.

After the power is supplied to Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensor and before the first command of the request it is required to wait for at least 100 ms.

When working with Omnicomm LLS being in the slave mode, after sending the request command it is required to wait for the response from the sensor. The time of response delay depends on exchange speed and type of exchange protocol (100 ms maximum).

The data between the sensor and external device are transferred in the form of messages (bits packages). The transmission of each byte begins with the START bit and terminates with the STOP bit:

The data are transmitted with a lower byte ahead.

The time interval between consecutive bytes in the packet (Тт) must be either shorter than the duration of a 35-bit transmission or less than 1 ms (if the speed is 35/<1 ms) than the duration of a 35-bit transmission or less than 1 ms (if 35/ speed</1 ms)

Tbyte is time of transmission of one byte of information;

Tt is an iterval between the consecutive bytes in the packet.

The end bytes packet is when the following byte does not arrive during time (Tp) exceeding maximum interval (Tt) + 1 ms.