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Remote Configuration Server

1 SUMMARY The user manual describes how to change terminal configurations remotely.


OS — operating system;

PC– personal computer;

SW — software;

VH — transportation vehicle;

CAN (Controller Area Network — controller network) — standard of an industrial network mainly designed to unite various execution units and sensors in one network;

EGTS –EGTS protocol (Era Glonass Telematics Standard);

iButton — set of devices designed to identify the driver;

IMEI — (International Mobile Equipment Identity) — international identifier of mobile equipment;

GPS — (Global Positioning System) — satellite-based navigation system;

GPRS — (General Packet Radio Service — public packet radio service) — customization of mobile communi- cation technology GSM performing packet data transmission;

GSM — (Global System for Mobile Communications) — global digital standard for mobile cellular communi- cation;

PGN (Parameter Group Number) — parameter group number determining the content of the respective mes- sage according to SAE J1939;

SIM 1 — SIM-card installed in the slot on the external side of the terminal;

SIM 2 — for Omnicomm Optim 2.0 terminals — a SIM-card installed in the slot inside the terminal, i.e. during the case opening, or for Profi 2.0 — a SIM-chip;

SPN — parameter code according to SAE J1939.

Workstation Hardware Software
UserPersonal computer with internet access OS Windows XP or Windows Vista, Linux. Browsers (versions of at least) Mozilla 2.Х, Opera 9.