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Omnicomm 3.2 Terminals

Smart, Light

General Information

Omnicomm terminals – vehicle equipment designed to gather information on the vehicle parameters and transmit data to Omnicomm Online or a third-party fleet monitoring system.

Main functions:

  • Determination of location, speed and movement direction of the vehicle
  • Detection of active GPS/GLONASS signal jamming
  • Detection of active GSM signal jamming
  • Reading and filtering values from fuel level sensors and a wide range of connected equipment
  • Remote control of connected auxiliary equipment
  • Data storage in non-volatile memory
  • Data transmission to Omnicomm Online and other fleet monitoring systems

Access to the following features varies in different versions of Omnicomm Terminals:

  • Set the minimum data collection period - 1 second
  • 1-wire interface activation with simultaneous unlocking of driver identification features and connection of temperature sensors
  • Turn on the second universal input
  • Enable GSM/GPS signal jamming detection
  • Increase the number of connected LLS to 4
  • Enable iQFreeze support
  • Enable Continental Pressure Check support
  • Transmit data to 3 communication servers
  • Enable CAN-LOG support
  • Enable geofence setup

Omnicomm Light terminals support these features by default, while in Omnicomm Smart terminals they require unlocking. Contact the Technical Support Department at [email protected] to unlock all the above features.


While carrying out installation, observe the safety rules and regulatory requirements for this type of work.