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Omnicomm PORT Automatic Data Acquisition Module

General Information

The Omnicomm PORT Automatic Data Acquisition Module is onboard equipment designed for automatic data acquisition from Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminals and data transfer to the Communication Server when connected to the Internet.

Main functions:

  • data collection from Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminals version 2.0 and up using the Wi-Fi network
  • data storage in non-volatile memory
  • data transfer to Omnicomm Online or to third-party software via the Internet using Wi-Fi or third (3G) and fourth (4G) generation mobile networks

Starting from version 1.3.1, the Omnicomm Port firmware does not support settings configuration and reading of Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi 3.0 terminals and firmware updates of Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi 3.0 terminals.

If you need to configure/read the settings and update the firmware of Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi 3.0 terminals, please use Omnicomm Configurator version 7.6.5 and above.


The Omnicomm PORT Automatic Data Acquisition Module installed on a vehicle collects data from Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminals that operate outside the mobile network access area.

Omnicomm PORT connects to an existing Wi-Fi access point or mobile network and enables data transfer to the communication server and remote configuration server. When both Wi-Fi and mobile connection are available, data transfer is performed via the Wi-Fi network.

Operating Principle