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Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 Fuel Level Sensor

General Information

This User Manual is designed for Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 fuel level sensors.

Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 is a fuel level sensor with analog and frequency interfaces.

While carrying out installation, observe the safety rules and regulatory requirements for this type of work.

Minimum allowable length of the measuring piece is 150 mm.

The dielectric permeability of the measured medium should be constant. Failure to comply with this requirement will lead to increased measurement error.


LLS liquid level sensors are strictly prohibited to be used in any liquids that are not the factory grade carbon fuels, or contain: BIOFUEL, METHANOL, ETHANOL, UREA and similar aggressive components in pure form or as additives for factory grade carbon fuels for use in INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES.

The wrong polarity (-) or (+) connection of power supply can damage or destroy the device. They are also prohibited for test or use in water and any other liquids that are not factory grade of carbon fuels.

For evaluation purposes, it is acceptable to use the sensor in any kind of mineral or lube oil.

Fit the plastic insulation cap on the end of the central rod after installation accordingly with installation guide.

To be installed, calibrated, tested only by qualified authorised person (i.e. installer, technician, mechatronic).