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Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 Fuel Level Sensor and BIS-MX Spark protection unit

General Information

This User Manual is designed for Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor and BIS-MX Spark protection unit.

Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor

Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensors are designed to measure fuel level in tanks of vehicles and stationary fuel storages.

Fuel level sensors also measure the temperature. RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces are used to exchange information with the device.

The Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor is installed on special types of equipment or on stationary fuel tanks and storages, which require equipment explosion protection and have the “0ExiaIIBT6GaX” explosion protection label.

The sensor calibration is adjusted automatically when fuel composition or properties change.

The types of fuel in which the sensor can operate: gasoline, summer fuel and winter diesel fuel and other liquid light petroleum products.

Different versions of Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 are available depending on the length of the measuring probe: 700 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm. Any measuring probe longer than 3000 mm is composite.

The Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor is installed together with the BIS-MX spark protection unit manufactured by Omnicomm.

BIS-MX Spark protection unit

BIS-MX spark protection unit on voltage regulation tubes is designed to protect intrinsically safe circuits when exposed to a voltage of up to 250 V.

BIS-MX is designed to be located outside of the hazardous area.

BIS-MX is designed for installation in electrical circuits connecting Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor, located in a hazardous area, and an external device, located in an explosion-proof area, and limits the values of voltage and current to intrinsically safe.

BIS-MX must always be grounded when in use.

BIS-MX is part of the connected electrical equipment; it executes the “intrinsically safe electrical circuit” type of explosion protection - i, the “extra explosion-proof” level of explosion protection - a, and IIB category, carries the [Exia] IIB explosion-proof marking.

BIS-MX is a passive device.