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Fuel Volume Indicator Omnicomm LLD-HD

General information

Omnicomm LLD-HD fuel volume indicator is intended to display fuel volume of remaining fuel in the tanks of the vehicles, diesel generators and fuel storages.

In addition, Omnicomm LLD-HD fuel volume indicator enables control over one of the following parameters:

  • volume of fuel filled in the tank during refueling, vehicle speed (with Omnicomm terminals only);
  • volume of fuel dispensed by fuel tanker truck (with Omnicomm Profi terminals only);
  • value from Omnicomm terminal universal input.

Omnicomm LLD-HD indicator shall only be used with Omnicomm LLS-HD fuel level sensors through RS-485 interface.

While installing this device, you should observe the safety precautions and measures, as well as meet the requirements of the regulatory documentation for this type of works.