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Omnicomm Smart 3.0 Terminal

General Information

Omnicomm Terminals are the on-board equipment designed to collect data on the state of the vehicle and transmit these data to Omnicomm Online or a third-party fleet monitoring system of choice.

Terminal key functions are:

- Identifying and recording location, speed, and direction of travel of a vehicle;

- Reading and sorting values received from the fuel level sensors and a wide range of other connected equipment;

- Remote control of any additional equipment connected to the system;

- Non-volatile data storage;

- Transmitting data to Omnicomm Online and/or other fleet monitoring system of choice.

Omnicomm Terminal modifications differ from one another by design and type of equipment that can be connected to them. This User Manual describes the Omnicomm Smart Terminal range.

Safety Recommendations

Please take all the necessary safety measures and comply with all relevant standards and regulations when installing the equipment.