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Fuel tank calibration

Fuel tank calibration process intended for the creation of calibration table, which provides the mapping of LLS-HD fuel level code to the volume.

The fuel tank calibration process is the step-by-step fuel tank refueling from “Empty” up to the “Full”, with predefined amount of fuel for each step, and fixing the mapping between the level code and volume in the calibration table.

It’s also possible to change this process and calibrate with draining from “Full” to “Empty”.

Fuel tank calibration with single LLS-HD installed:

1. Empty the fuel tank.

2. Connect the LLS-HD to the PC with Omnicomm UNU-USB adapter according the scheme (Setting up).

3. Start the Omnicomm Configurator. Choose the “Fuel tank calibration” in the “Operation mode” menu.

4. In case if “Sensor 1” column not displayed, press the “Add a sensor” button. Select the sensor type. Select the “Sensor network address” set during the initial setup.

Scheme of connecting the <k style='word-break:keep-all;white-space:nowrap'>Omnicomm LLS-HD</k>

5. Set the “Interval between the calibration points” in litres.

Conduct refueling with gauge tank or with fuel flow counter with predefined volume for each step.

6. Press “Start/continue the calibration” button.

7. Add the fuel in amount of “Interval between calibration points”.

8. Press “Add a row” button.

The amount of fuel will be displayed in the “Litres” column.

The measured level will be displayed in the “Sensor 1” column.

9. Press “Add a row” button.

10. Repeat steps 7,8 and 9 until the fuel tank will be full. Omnicomm recommends the minimum of 20 steps for fuel tank calibration.

11. Press “Fimish the calibration” button.

12. Save the calibration table into the fuel tank calibration file (.ctb) / Omnicomm Online (.xml) / Terminal or LLS-HD with “Export” button.

In case if fuel tank has more than one LLS-HD installed, proceed the calibration procedure the same way as for single LLS-HD, but all sensors need to be added into the Omnicomm configurator before calibration start. Fuel tank calibration will be done for all installed sensors simultaneously. Multiply LLS-HD can be connected to the PC at the same time with KTZ-splitter.