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Adding or editing a profile

In the “Administration” section, open the “Drivers” tab. In the window that opens, click on “Add a driver”. A window will open:

Driver adding

In the «General driver information» section:

  • «Last name» – enter the driver's last name
  • «First name» – enter the driver's first name
  • «Middle name» – enter the driver's middle name (or patronymic, if any)
  • «Date of birth» – enter the driver's date of birth
  • «Phone number» – enter the driver's phone number
  • «RFID Card/I-Button» - enter the identification number of the RFID card or I-Button key that will belong to the driver

Enter the identification number of the RFID card without the last two digits. For the I-Button key, enter all the digits of the number. RFID card and I-Button key numbers are displayed in Omnicomm Configurator.


RFID Card/I-Button

  • «Employment start date» – enter the driver's employment start date

In Omnicomm Online, the driver sign in is displayed only after the "Employment start date". When the set “Employment start date” is before today's date, it will be necessary to recalculate the data for the vehicle on which this driver worked.

«Date of dismissal» - enter the date of driver's dismissal. Dismissing a driver instead of deleting them from the system, will allow you to keep the driver's history in Omnicomm Online.

"Dismissal date" may be any date, starting from the current one, i.e. the driver may not be dismissed retrospectively.

In the «Driver's license» section:

  • «Categories» – select the categories that are authorized on the driver's license
  • «Series and number» – enter the series and the registration number of the driver's license
  • «Date of issue» – specify the date when the license was issued
  • «Valid until» – specify the expiry date on the driver's license

In the «Driver groups» section, click on the hyperlink Select a group for the current driver and select one or more groups that the driver will be assigned to.

In the «Driver's cards» section, enter the card numbers, separated by commas, used by the driver to control work and rest modes using a tachograph.