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Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 Sensor Setting

In the tab “Settings” under “Custom parameters”:

“Filtration” – set the output signal filtration parameters:

  • “No” – filtration is not performed. Applies for cases when filtration is carried out by an external device
  • “Minimum” – filtration applies for cases when the device is installed in stationary fuel storages and objects
  • “Average” – filtration applies for cases when vehicles operate under regular road conditions
  • “Maximum” – filtration applies for cases when vehicles operate under severe road conditions

“Severe operating conditions” – switch on if measurement values require additional filtration with account for severe operating conditions.

“Type of signal” – select “Analog” or “Frequency”.

For the analog signal:

  • “Max. voltage value (5 … 20) V” – set the maximum voltage value. Default value – 5 V
  • “Min. voltage value (0 … 15) V” – set the minimum voltage value. Default value – 0 V

For the frequency signal:

  • “Max. frequency value (100 to 2000) Hz” - set the maximum frequency value. Default value – 2000 Hz
  • “Min. frequency value (30 to 1900) Hz” - set the minimum frequency value. Default value – 30 Hz
  • “Pull-up resistor”. Select “On” if, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the voltage signal is connected to the input of an external device. Select “Off” if the type of the connected signal is “dry contact” or “transistor NPN key”.