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Data, downloaded from the Omnicomm Online system, allows, at the initiation of appropriate functionality of third-party systems, the following tasks to be performed automatically:

  • Entering data on mileage and fuel consumption in the waybills
  • Accounting for mileage and usage time for calculating the amount of work, driver’s salary, etc.
  • Accounting for attachable equipment to calculate scope of performed work
  • Accounting for mileage, engine hours and auxiliary equipment for maintenance planning
  • Write-off of fuel consumed
  • Comparison of documented refills with the actual ones to prevent theft of fuel
  • Generation of violation reports
  • Plan vs. actual analysis on work done, fuel used, etc.
  • Use of the current location to select suitable vehicle to fulfill the order
  • Track visualization on the map in a third-party software

Various reports can be generated using the vehicle parameters downloaded from Omnicomm Online.

Data from Omnicomm Online enable quick estimation of the accepted planning system correctness and effective dealing with all the possible machinations of fleet employees, associated with theft of petroleum products and unauthorized use of vehicles.

The main targets for the integration of the systems are accounting systems, ERP-systems, and branch accounting systems.

SOAP protocol does not support the use of OVMS (video service) subsystem. Use REST API for quick integration with the OVMS subsystem.

Web services provide for retrieving the following parameters:

  • Mileage
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine operation time
  • Auxiliary equipment operation time
  • Fuel volume graph
  • Mileage with exceeded speed*
  • Movement duration*
  • Engine operation time in motion*
  • Engine operation without motion*
  • “Engine Off” time*
  • Fuel level at a given moment*
  • Fuel consumption in motion*
  • Fuel consumption without motion*
  • Fuel consumption rate per one hour of engine operation*
  • Track*
  • Actual location*

* – Parameters marked are available from version 2.4.2.

In addition to these parameters, it is possible to receive all the events displayed in the “Events” report in Omnicomm Online.