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Omnicomm Video Service

The Omnicomm video service covers the video terminal management and provides video material to the user.

Main features of the service:

  • receiving, storing, modifying, and providing data of video terminal profiles
  • receiving, storing, modifying, and providing task parameters for video file download
  • executing video file download tasks

Description of methods for managing the video service: https://developers.omnicomm-world.com/#/VideoService/

Obtaining a video fragment

This section describes how to use the video service in a typical scenario.

To obtain a video fragment:

1. Log in to the account of a dealer or a user who has rights to the vehicle and to use the video service: POST /auth/login?jwt=1

2. Get the video profile from the vehicle terminal ID: GET /service/ovms/api/profiles

3. Get the video file: