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Site Tools

Service Functions

Video Terminal Restart

In the “Service” menu select “Restart Terminal”.

Setting Password on Configuration Changing

In the “Settings” tab select the “Additional equipment” section from the list.

In the “Configuring a password” section:

Omnicomm Configurator Remote configuration server

If you need to use a password to configure the terminal settings, in the field “Ask for password when saving settings” select “Enabled”. Press the “Change password” button. A window will open:

Change password

“New password” and “Confirm new password” – enter a new password that will be used to get access to settings configuration. The password shall contain 8 characters maximum.

Press the “Save” button.

“Confirm password” – repeat the entered password. Press the “Record into device” button.

Data Collection and Transmission Blocking

In the “Settings” tab select the “Connection” section from the list.

In the “Blocking of information collection and transfer” section:

To block the terminal data acquisition and transmission in the “Lock” field select “Switced off”:

Omnicomm Configurator Remote Configurator Server

To unlock data collection and transmission use Omnicomm Configurator or send SMS command *UNBLOCK# to the SIM card, inserted in the video terminal.

Remote Configuration Server Operation Setting

Set password on terminal settings modification by either of the following ways:

  • When configuring the terminal using Omnicomm Configurator set password on settings modification that is different from the password set by default. Password set by default – empty line
  • Send SMS command to change password set by default: *SETPWDID 235009988 12345#

where: 235009988 – terminal ID; 12345 – password to be set. The password shall contain 8 characters maximum and may include any digits and letters.

You cannot change a previously set up password in this way.

The video terminal will be authorized on the Remote Configuration Server and will be available for operation via the Remote Configuration Server after 6 hours.

Terminal SIM Card Number Identification

The terminal SIM card telephone number is automatically displayed in the Remote Configuration Server after the second connection to the RCS.

SMS sending shall be enabled for the SIM card.