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“Full/Empty” Calibration

During Full-Empty calibration and subsequent calibration of the fuel tank using one type of fuel, it is recommended to turn on “Auto-adjustment” (see Sensor Settings). Perform the automatic adjustment and save the settings in the fuel level sensor.

  1. Fill the measuring container with fuel
  2. Immerse the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor in the fuel to the full length of the measuring probe
  3. Wait for the green “Stabilized” indicator to appear.
    Press “Full” to set the value corresponding to a full tank
  4. Take the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor out of the container and allow the fuel to flow down the measuring piece for 1 minute. Press “Empty” to set the value corresponding to an empty tank
  5. Press the “Record into device” button