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Sensor Preparation

1. Cut the sensor measuring part according to the following recommendations:

  • The length of the sensor measuring probe should be 20mm less than the depth of the tank.
  • The REF channel must be at least 100 mm shorter that the measuring part of the sensor. If the difference is less than 100 mm, trim the REF channel according to the figure:

2. Install the central partition into the sensor measuring part at the depth of 1 cm.

Cut the REF channel (only if the length of the REF channel and the measuring part is less than 100 mm):

1. Install the central partition in the REF channel in close proximity to the cut point.

2. Cut with a cutting wheel (max. 125 mm in diameter)

3. Remove a section of the REF channel rod

The REF channel rod is shorter than the main measuring rod and is located on the right when looking at the sensor body on the connector side.