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For Omnicomm LLS sensors, the sensor housing is sealed with a casing-seal and a connector: Установка защитного кожуха

1. Install the casing-seal on the sensor housing

2. Place the pins in the grooves of the casing-seals, making sure that they are positioned with the smaller diameter towards the jut of the casing, and push them all the way in

Once the pins are in place, the sensor cannot be removed without destroying the casing of the seal.

Install the seal-tie on Omnicomm LLS 5 connector:

Пломбирование разъема

  1. Join Omnicomm LLS 5 connector to the mounting cable until it clicks
  2. Run the flexible part of the seal through the connectors
  3. Run the flexible part of the seal through the hole in the seal body
  4. Tighten up the connection
  5. Cut off the protruding section of the flexible part of the seal

Additional casing-seals can be purchased separately.