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Parameters Display on the Screen

Omnicomm ICON display supports up to 30 main screens with different sets of parameters (only when connected to a terminal). For each main screen you can select up to 5 parameters. To display the parameters, configure the display according to the Omnicomm terminals user manual.

Parameters setting on the screen

List of parameters:

  • Temperature of 1-wire 1..8 – temperature from the sensors connected to the terminal. Values for 8 temperature sensors may be displayed
  • UI1..6 – reading from the terminal universal input. Values for 6 universal inputs may be displayed
  • Speed – vehicle speed according to the terminal readings
  • Number of the tank
  • Total fuel volume in the tanks
  • USS – fuel volume dispensed through the dispensing gun of the fuel-servicing truck when using the PPO-USS device (only for Omnicomm Profi)
  • Engine hours – value of engine hours

Press “Add parameter”.

Add parameter

For each parameter, specify:

  • Units of measurement – units of measurement for the parameter. Select the units of measurement from the list or add your own by selecting “Other”. Enter the unit of measurement in the “Unit name” field
  • Measurement accuracy – select the number of digits after decimal point to display. Possible values: 1, 2, 3
  • Minimum threshold – enter the minimum value of the measured parameter
  • Maximum threshold – enter the maximum value of the measured parameter
  • Sound notification – enable/disable sound notification if thresholds of monitored parameters are exceeded
  • SMS sending – enable/disable SMS sending if thresholds of monitored parameters are exceeded

Arrange the parameters by holding down the left mouse button and moving the parameter to the desired location:

Arrange the parameters

To add a main screen press “Add screen”.

If you change the connection type to the "Fuel level sensor", the configured main screens will be deleted.