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Driving Safety Control

The Omnicomm ICON display is used in driving safety control:

  • warning about an open door, unfastened seatbelt, headlights off, entering/leaving a geofence sent to the display
  • synchronization of events with Safe Driving reports in Omnicommm Online

Контроль безопасности вождения


Driving safety control through the display:

Notification about an unfastened seatbelt and vehicle speed greater than the value specified during terminal configuration:


Notifications when the acceleration thresholds are exceeded (suspension deceleration - vertical acceleration; sharp braking - braking):

Удар подвески Резкое торможение

Universal input status on the Omnicomm ICON display:

Driving Safety Control

Driving safety control in Omnicomm Online reports:

The “SafeDrive: Violation details” report:

 "SafeDrive: Violation details"

The “SafeDrive: Driver rating” report:

"SafeDrive: Driver rating"

A detailed description of the reports can be found in the Omnicomm Online User Manual (see the "SafeDrive: Violation details" report and the "SafeDrive: Driver rating" report).

Hardware and software:

  • Omnicomm terminal
  • Omnicomm ICON Display
  • Omnicomm Online


Equipment connection


Omnicomm Terminal configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Terminal.

In the “Settings” tab select the “ICON” section from the list.


“ICON” – check the box to display the data from the terminal on the Omnicomm ICON display

  • “Network address” – select the display network address. Possible values: from 7 to 254
  • “Select the time zone” - check the box to select your time zone relative to UTC. The time zone value is used when an automatic registration of time zones is not required

“Time zone” – select the time zone

  • “Sound notification” - check the box to enable sound notifications when the terminal registers a new event, as specified during the terminal and display configuration.

In the “Universal Inputs” section:

Universal Inputs

“Universal input No. 1” – select “Enabled”.

“Operating mode” – select “Direct-current”.

“ON voltage threshold” – set the value of voltage threshold after which the terminal will register the seatbelt fastening.

“Pull-up resistor” – select “Enabled” when working with “open collector”-type sensors or with dry contact sensors.

“Input signal inversion” – set “Enabled” for sensors with default open contacts or for contacts which close after the seatbelt is fastened.

“Equipment name” – enter the monitored parameter name. For example, Seatbelt.

In the “Driving control” section:

Driving control

“Speed and Exceeding of threshold of potential UI1”:

Threshold - enter the threshold value which, if exceeded, will trigger the registration of a fastened/unfastened seatbelt event.

The notification for the event "Speed and Exceeding of threshold of potential UI1, UI2" is generated only when the selected speed source for the terminal is "GPS" (seeOmnicomm terminals 3.0. User Manual. The "Selection of Speed Source" section).

To set up notifications for suspension impact and sudden braking, specify the threshold values of vertical acceleration and breaking.

Omnicomm ICON display configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Indicator.

Add the parameters “UI 1”, “Mileage”, “Speed” to the screen.

Add the parameter

When adding the parameters, specify the following values:

  • Units of measurement – units of measurement for the parameter. Select the units of measurement from the list or add your own by selecting “Other”. Enter the unit of measurement in the “Unit name” field.
  • Measurement accuracy – select the number of digits after decimal point to display.
  • Minimum threshold – enter the minimum value of the measured parameter
  • Maximum threshold – enter the maximum value of the measured parameter
  • Sound notification of exceeding thresholds - tick the box if a sound notification is needed when the value is below the minimum threshold or when the maximum threshold is exceeded.

Configure the parameter display on screen as shown in the figure:

Screen setting

Press the “Save” button.

Settings in Omnicomm Online

  • Enable the “Safe driving” service for the vehicle


  • Select the vehicle or the driver
  • Select the time period for report generation