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On the “Settings” tab select the “Modbus” section from the list:

Omnicomm Configurator

Select the operation mode:

“Master” – terminal sends requests for the access to the registers from the external devices via Modbus protocol

“Listener” – terminal listens and receives the required data during the exchange via Modbus protocol

When is necessary to add parameters press the “Add” button. A window will open:

Omnicomm Configurator

“Name of parameter” – enter the name of the parameter. Maximum length: 16 symbols.

“Address” – address of the tracked device. Possible values: 1 to 247.

“Function” – – enter the function number Possible values: 01 – Read coils, 02 – Read discrete inputs, 03 – Read holding registers, 04 – Read input registers.

“Register” – enter the register value. Possible values: 0 to 65535.

“Number of registers”. Possible values: for functions 1, 2 – from 1 to 64; for functions 3, 4 – from 1 to 4. Default value – 1.

“Time out” – enter the waiting time for the response of the device. Default value – 50 ms. Possible values: from 50…12500 ms.

“Value type” – select the data type. Possible values: S16, U16, S32, U32, U64, float, double, bin.

“Byte order” – select the order of words and bytes. Possible values: direct order of words and bytes, reverse order of words and bytes, reverse order of bytes, reverse order of words. Default value - direct order of words and bytes.

Maximum parameter number – 36.