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The Set Up and an Update of Built-in Firmware for the Omnicomm LLS 5 and LLS-Ex 5 Fuel Sensors

When Omnicomm LLS 5 and LLS-Ex 5 fuel sensors are connected to the video-terminal with an built-in firmware version FW310 or later, there is a possibility to update firmware and change settings via the Remote Configuration Server.

You can set up or update the firmware only one sensor at a time.

The value of the network address of the sensor shall be between 1 and 6.

In the remote configuration server in the “RS port settings” click on “LLS parameters”:

Remote Configuration Server

“Network address” – a network address of the Omnicomm LLS fuel sensor will be displayed.

“Sensor type” – the type of the fuel sensor will be displayed Possible options: LLS 5 and LLS-Ex 5.

“UID” – sensors identification number.

“Speed” – the speed of the data exchange with exterior devices will be displayed.

“Initialization” – the accuracy of the «Full/Empty» calibration for the main and REF-channel will be displayed. Possible options: completed - the «Full/Empty» calibration for the main and REF-channel was completed successfully and the default values were changed; not completed - the «Full/Empty» calibration for the main and REF-channel was not completed, the default values were set.

“Automatic adjustment” – enable to automatically correct the measurements when the dielectric constant of the fuel changes. Upon activation of automatic adjustment, changes of level caused by thermal expansion of fuel will be displayed, i.e. the level will be shown considering the current temperature. The setting is available only after the sensor has been calibrated.

“Filter Length” – please insert the value of the filters length according to filtration. Possible options: no, minimum, medium, maximum.

“Sensors Firmware version” – the fuel sensors in-built firmware version will be displayed.

“Update to version” – select the version of the in-built firmware of the sensor when the update is necessary. If a newer version is available, “Update available” is displayed.

“Update status” – the status of the update will be displayed. Possible options: planned, not planned.

Sensor settings will be updated and / or changed after the connection between the terminal and the remote configuration server is established.