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SIM Card and SD Card Inserting

Before SIM card inserting disable PIN request at activation. For this end insert the card in any cell phone and disable PIN request, according to the cell phone operating instruction.

1. Unscrew four safety screws.

SIM-card installation

2. Using a sharp-pointed object press the button at the SIM1 of SIM2 connector side. The SIM card holder will eject

3. Remove the SIM card holder from the connector slots and insert the SIM card into it with contact pieces up

4. Insert the SIM card holder in the connector slots:

SIM-card installation

5. Insert the SD cards in the respective SD1 and SD2 slots

When installing the SD cards, the Omnicomm OKO power must be switched off.

Omnicomm OKO video terminal supports SD cards up to 512 Gb.

A list of recommended SD cards:

  • Kingston SDR/128GB SDXC A1, V30, UHS-I Class 3 , Class 10
  • Kingston SDR/256GB SDXC A1, V30, UHS-I Class 3 , Class 10
  • Transcend TS128GSDXC10U1 SDXC/SDHC Class 10 UHS-I 600x (Ultimate)

6. Fix the protective cover with four screws