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Temperature Sensors

The Omnicomm OKO terminals support the connection of up to 8 temperature sensors.

On the “Settings” tab select section “Auxiliary equipment” from the list.

The “Temperature sensors” displays the temperature readings from the sensors, connected via 1-Wire interface.

Set up the temperature sensors. Choose the set up option:

  • set up of the 1-Wire interface. Press the “Set up the temperature sensors” button
  • set up via the universal input. Press the “Set up the temperature sensors (UI)” button

Settings of temperature sensors

Set up of the 1-wire interface:

Settings of temperature sensors

“Name” – input the name of the temperature sensor.

“Value” – displays the readings from the sensor.

“ID” – select the ID number of the temperature sensor.

Set up via the universal input:

Settings of temperature sensors

“Transmit the readings of the 1-Wire sensor instead of UI” – select the number of the universal input for displaying the temperature readings in Omnicomm Online.

Connect the temperature sensors to Omnicomm terminals according to the diagram:

Connection of temperature sensors

1-Wire sensor connection diagram with an extended range of external power supply:

Connection of temperature sensors

Make sure that the onboard voltage does not exceed the max power supply voltage of the temperature sensor specified in the sensor passport.

1-Wire DS18B20 sensors connection diagram on a double-wire circuit with additional power supply from the terminal for operation in an extended range below -20 C and above +60 C:

Connection of temperature sensors

In case of configuring the terminal in Omnicomm Configurator it is necessary to disable the possibility to use GSM call button (in the “GSM and SMS connection parameters” / “Headset” section – off, see Data Transmission to a Communication Server).