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Communication Server Connection

In the section “Connection establishing parameters”:

“Period of sending data to the CS”, enter the number of minutes, upon expiry of which, the Terminal shall connect to the communication server when within the home network of your mobile network provider. The recommended value is 10 minutes.

Now refer to the “Roaming parameters”:

Roaming: Select one of the roaming options for your SIM card: 'Permitted', 'Disable', or 'According to the list'. To enable SIM card operation “According to the list in roaming” please enter MCC and MNC cellular networks to the Omnicomm Configurator.

“SMS”, switch on/switch off receipt of orders via SMS and sending of information messages by the Terminal. With the “SMS” parameter on, specify the following:

“Number for sending SMS”, select a telephone number to which the SMS with information on the Terminal and VH status.

“SMS template language”, select a language of the SMS template. You can select Russian, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

“Vehicle name”, please enter the vehicle name. This field is mandatory to fill in.