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Engine RPM

In the “Engine revolutions” section:

In the “Data source” select a type of signal. You can choose one of the following options:

- Off - Ignition key - CAN bus - RPM input

Calibrating RPM Input in Omnicomm Configurator

Start the vehicle engine. Adjust the engine rotations to ensure that the RPM rate is stable throughout the calibration process. Open the 'Inputs' tab and click on 'Calibrate'. You will be taken to the following screen:

In the “Engine RPM”, enter the number of engine revolutions according to the tachometer readings. Launch the calibration by clicking on the “Start Calibration” button. Wait for 15 seconds, and then click on the “Finish the calibration” button. The Omnicomm Configurator will determine the recalculation coefficient automatically. Save the recalculation coefficient in the Terminal by clicking on the “Record” button. Connect your tachometer to Smart Terminal according to the figure below:

The tachometer's point of connection must be one in the vehicle's electrical network where the impulse signal frequency is proportional to the engine RPM rate.