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Installing a SIM Card

Before installing a SIM card please disable the PIN code request upon start-up. In order to do that, simply insert the SIM card into any cell phone and disable the PIN code request according to the telephone operating specifications.

1. Use a pointed object to press a button on the Terminal's front panel. This will eject a SIM card holder.

2. Remove the SIM card holder from the slot and install the SIM card in it with the contact side up.

3. Install the SIM card holder back into the slot (see the image below).

It is possible to custom-order an option for installing a SIM chip.

Output Connectors

Omnicomm Smart Terminal

X1 connector:

Contact number Signal Name Designation Wire Colours Inside Cable
1 Ground (negative) for power supplyGeneral (signal) White
2 Input RPM Tachometer Blue
3 Not used NC
4 Not used NC
5 Line B: RS-485 LLS B RS-485 LLS Blue-white
6 CAN L CAN L Violet-white
7 On-board power voltage Power supply Red
8 Ignition key IGN Yellow
9 Universal input Input 1 Black
10 Not used NC
11 Line A RS-485 LLS A RS-485 LLS Orange-white
12 CAN H CAN H Violet-orange

Power supply and Ignition key

Perform the connection of Omnicomm Smart 3.0 Terminals without the main switch according to the diagrams below:

Before the main switch:


The Omnicomm Terminal must be installed inside the vehicle cabin or inside a specially designed electrical equipment box: weather- and precipitation-proofed and fixed on the vehicle. Drill 4 mounting holes, 4 mm in Ø.

Here is an example for Omnicomm Smart Terminals:

Install the Terminal and fix it by using self-tapping screws.