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Appendix C. Installing Nut-Type Rivets

Screw the rivet on the shaft of the nut riveter (Figure 25). The rivet should be screwed to the full depth.

Figure 25

Install the rivet in the hole (Figure 26), so that it is strictly perpendicular to the plate of the sensor and the wall of the tank and any skewing is avoided.

Make sure there is no gap between the plate of the fuel level sensor LLS and the rivet.

Figure 26

Unscrew the nut riveter shaft out of the rivet (Figure 27).

Figure 27

Unscrew the riveter pin from them rivet (Figure 28).

Figure 28

Checks rivet installation quality. To do so, take the bolt included into the installation elements kit and exercise a test bolt driving. If the bolt is tight to drive or cannot be driven to the maximal depth, it is necessary to drill the rivet out and install a new one.