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Appendix E. Procedure for Circular Tank Preparation for Product Installation and Installation Process

Mark the holes for mounting the product taking into account the tank curvature. Place the bolt into the hole for product mounting so that the bolt is perpendicular to the surface of the tank (Figure 33).

Figure 33

Drill holes in accordance with the selected type of the tank and method of fixing the product to the tank.

Apply a thin layer of sealant between the plate of the product body and the rubber gasket. Put the gasket on the product. Apply hermetic to the prepared tank as shown in the Figure (Figure 34). The thickness of sealant layer should be at least 5mm.

Figure 34

Perform installation in accordance with selected fixation method (see Section 4).

Visually check the leak tightness of the connection. If there are gaps between the gasket and the tank, fill them out with Sealant.