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Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi Terminal

To achieve the highest speed and distance of data transmission, it is recommended to equip Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminals with an external Wi-Fi antenna "TRIADA - MA 2435 SOTA".

Connect the Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminal to a PC.

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

In the “Settings” tab select the “Wi-Fi” section from the list.

In the “Wi-Fi module parameters” section:


Click the “Add” button and set the following settings:

“Wi-Fi module” - enabled.

“Send only non-transmitted data” – enable/disable data duplication when using multiple Local communication servers. When the parameter is enabled, the data transmitted to one LCS will not be transmitted to other LCS operating on the same IP address.

“SSID” – Mobile-CS.

“Authentication and encryption method” – WPA_PSK.

“Password” – Mob1Com2Ser3.

In the “Communication Server connection settings” section:


To transfer data to the CS:

“IP address” –

“Port” – 9977.

“Protocol” – Omnicomm.

If the default values have been changed, set the values as indicated in the section Data receipt via Wi-Fi from the Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminals