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SIM Card Inserting

To get remote technical support, consider using a SIM card plan that provides an external IP address.

Before inserting the SIM card, disable PIN request at activation. To do this, insert the card in any cell phone and disable the request for PIN, following the phone's operating instructions.

SIM card insertion procedure:

  • Remove the 6 screws with a 3mm hex screwdriver from the base of the Omnicomm PORT and remove the cover:


  • Remove the screw securing the protective plate

Protective plate

  • Slide the protective plate and insert the SIM card into the slot

SIM Card Inserting

  • Slide the protective plate back into place and tighten the screw
  • Close the base cover and tighten the 6 screws


LTE antennas must be connected to the “ANT1” and “ANT2” connectors.

Wi-Fi antennas must be connected to the “ANT3” and “ANT4” connectors.


To ensure connection to terminals at a distance of more than 50 m, it is recommended to install onto Omnicomm PORT external Wi-Fi antennas AX-2408R (provided that Profi Wi-Fi terminals are equipped with an external Wi-Fi antenna “TRIADA - MA 2435 SOTA”.


Connect Omnicomm PORT as shown in the diagram:

Power supply connection

Connecting before the ground disconnect switch is not permitted.

Before turning the ignition off, switch off Omnicomm PORT by pressing the power button and waiting for the button backlight to turn off.

Omnicomm PORT Module

The Omnicomm PORT Automatic Data Acquisition Module can be installed either inside or outside a vehicle. If installing the module on the inside, mount the external Wi-Fi antennas outside the vehicle.

Omnicomm PORT must be installed on a flat surface. If using screws, drill holes as shown in the drawing:

Installation dimension

Install Omnicomm PORT and secure it.