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Data Transfer via Mobile Networks

Mobile settings

  • “Access point name (APN)” - select “Manual input” or choose from the list
  • “Host” - enter the name of the GPRS access point if manual input was chosen. If you have selected an access point name from the list, this field will be filled in automatically
  • “APN Login” and “APN Password” – enter the login and password for the APN access point. Some mobile network providers supply a login and a password together with the SIM card

When using second-generation (2G) mobile networks, stable Omnicomm PORT operation is not guaranteed due to the insufficient data transfer rate.

In order to transfer data, collected by PORT in 1 day by from 30 terminals to the CS within no more than 1 hour, the Internet channel must meet the following requirements:

  • Available uplink bandwidth - at least 64 kbit/s
  • Available downlink bandwidth - at least 16 kbit/s
  • Ping value from PORT to online.omnicomm.ru - up to 600 ms