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CAN-LOG controllers

Omnicomm Light terminals support the connection of controllers when an RS-232/RS-485 converter is used. In Omnicomm Smart terminals this functionality is available after unlocking.

Connect the CAN-LOG, series B14, B24, B34, B44, to the vehicle's CAN bus, as shown in the diagram:

Follow the instructions provided by the CAN-LOG manufacturer during connection.

Connect the CAN-LOG to the terminal as shown in the diagram:

In Omnicomm Configurator, in the “Settings”/“Inputs” window, in the “RS-485 and RS-232 Interface Configuration” section:


“RS-485” - select CAN log.

CAN-LOG parameters, displayed in Omnicomm Online and in Omnicomm Configurator

SPN Omnicomm Online Configurator CAN-LOG series B V4 CAN-LOG series B V2 CAN-LOG series P V1
70 Park. brake status Parking brake status Yes Yes Yes
91 Acceler. pedal pos., % Accelerometer pedal position (%) Yes Yes Yes
96 Fuel level Yes Yes Yes
110 Eng. coolant temp., °C Engine coolant temperature Yes Yes Yes
175 Eng. oil temp.,°C Engine oil temperature Yes
182 Daily fuel cons., l Daily fuel consumption Yes Yes
190 Engine RPM, rpm Engine RPM Yes Yes Yes
244 Daily mileage, km Daily mileage Yes Yes
245 Odometer reading, km Total mileage Yes Yes Yes
247 Engine hour meter reading, hour:min Total engine operation time Yes Yes Yes
250 Fuel consumption meter reading, l Overall fuel consumption Yes Yes Yes
527 Cruise Control status Cruise Control status Yes Yes
582 Axle load, kg Axle load Yes Yes Yes
597 Serv. br. ped. status Status of the service brake pedal Yes Yes Yes
598 Clutch ped. status Status of the clutch pedal Yes Yes
914 Mileage before maintenance, km Mileage before next maintenance Yes Yes
916 Engine hours before maintenance, h Time before next maintenance Yes Yes
1624 Inst. speed, km/h Instantaneous speed Yes Yes Yes