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The terminal must be installed inside the vehicle cabin in close proximity to the windshield, side or rear window of the vehicle cabin. Due to the fact that the Terminal has built-in GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas, it must not be installed under metal surfaces or inside metal boxes, including ones containing the electrical equipment of vehicles.

It is possible to connect an external GLONASS/GPS antenna, which is recommended to install on the roof of the vehicle. The external GLONASS/GPS antenna must be installed on a metal surface. Installation on a non-metallic surface with adhesive fixing on the surface is allowed.

The external GLONASS/GPS antenna may be installed inside the vehicle, in a place providing good access to radio signal from the sky. Inside a vehicle, the antenna must be installed only on a horizontal surface and it is necessary to carry out a check of the reception quality of the GLONASS/GPS satellites.