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Connector Pin Assignment

Omnicomm Light and Smart terminals

General view of the Omnicomm terminal

Connector X1:

Connector X1

No. of pin Name of signal Designation Wire colour in cable
1 Ground (negative) for power supply Ground (power) White
2 RPM input Tachometer Blue
3 Universal input 2 Input 2 Black-white
4 iButton+ iButton+ Pink-red
5 Line B RS-485 LLS B RS-485 LLS Blue-white
6 CAN L CAN L Purple-white
7 Vehicle power supply voltage Power Red
8 Ignition key IGN Yellow
9 Universal input 1 Input 1 Blue
10 Universal output 1 Output 1 Yellow-red
11 Line A RS-485 LLS A RS-485 LLS Orange-white
12 CAN Н CAN Н Purple-orange