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“Data collection timer” — set the terminal polling period for the modules and external devices connected to the terminal (Figure 9). Value range — from 15 to 240 sec. “Collect data when ignition is off and main power on” — select (find more details in the Omnicomm Configu - rator User Manual or Omnicomm Terminals Operating Manual): — “Collect all data”; — “Collect data at jolting”; — “Collect all excluding GPS”. “Adaptive data collection by changing directions” — switch on/off by selecting “On”/”Off” . Adaptive data collection improves track visualisation by way of additional data collection from the GPS-module more frequently than is set in the parameter “Data collection timer”. “Travelled distance data collection” allows the precision of VH location mapping to be increased by way of additional data collection from the GPS-module as relates to the distance travelled between events with fixed coordinates. Switching on the parameter “Travelled distance data collection” displays the field “Mileage between data collection points (m)”, where it is necessary to enter the value of the mileage achieved from the moment of the last recorded event with coordinates, after which data collection will be triggered. Possible values range from 10 to 1000. A default value is 100 meters.