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To add terminals, in the screen (Figure 3): In the field “Terminal ID”, enter the terminal identification number. In the field “Password”, enter the password set in the terminal when configuring with the help of Omnicomm Configurator or through SMS-command.

If, when configuring the terminal with the help of Omnicomm Configurator the password is not set, it will be im - possible to change the terminal configuration with the help of the remote configuration server. To change the settings available only for some modifications of Omnicomm terminals, the Configuration server must contain only that modification of the terminals whose settings are to be changed. In the case that the list of terminals in the remote configuration server contains at least one terminal of another modification, only the parameters effective for all terminal modifications will be displayed. For example, if it is required to change the settings of the universal input of an Omnicomm Profi terminal and the configuration server is supplied with an Omnicomm Light terminal that does not support universal inputs, the section “Terminal parameter settings” will not display the universal input parameters.