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The type and number of LLS fuel level sensors are determined automatically and, if necessary, are available for change (Figure 19).

“Data source” — select the type of fuel level sensor. Possible options:

“Digital LLS” — when connecting LLS fuel level sensors;

“Frequency LLS-AF” — when connecting LLS-AF fuel level sensor;

“Analogue (regular)” — when connecting regular fuel sensor;

“CAN-bus” — when connecting to CAN-bus;

“Off” — if it is not required to control the fuel level.

When connecting LLS fuel level sensors, five filtration options are possible:

“Filtration off” . Filtration is performed only by the settings of the fuel level sensor.

“Low” filtration. Low filtration is used if the product is installed in stationary fuel storage tanks and in slow-moving equipment (diesel generator units, special vehicles).

“Medium” filtration. Medium filtration is used if the VH operates in regular road conditions (fixed-route transpor tation vehicles, cargo transportation).

“Strong” filtration. Strong filtration is used if the VH operates in regular and heavy road conditions (fixed-route transportation vehicles, cargo transportation, construction machinery).

“Maximum” filtration. Maximum filtration is used if the VH operates in heavy road conditions (construction ma - chinery, VH operating in off-road conditions, farming machinery).