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Omnicomm Online - April, 2021


OO Release 4.5.86:

1. You can now generate a report with a large volume of data and select a greater number of parameters to display in the Group Work report.

The depth of the report has been increased significantly from 1000 to 5000 machine-days.

The Group Work report allows you to view all the most important indicators of fleet activity in a single window. The indicators are divided into two blocks: basic and advanced. Basic parameters include data on fuel, mileage, engine hours, auxiliary equipment operation. Advanced parameters comprise shift information and vehicle CAN bus data.

To use this report:

  1. Select multiple vehicles
  2. Specify the relevant time interval
  3. Click the “Add report” button
  4. In the “Reports” column, select “Group Work”

Group Work Report

In the report settings, you can select more parameters to display.

2. Track report. Monitoring the auxiliary equipment operation for a highlighted section of track on the map.

It is now even easier to view the status of auxiliary equipment.

Open the Track report, which displays when the auxiliary equipment (hoists, pumps, and other sensors and devices) is switched on or off in real-time and with map reference. The period during which the auxiliary equipment was operational is shown on the map as a segment highlighted in a color of your choice (red by default).

Track Report

3. In the Multimedia report, the rule for downloading videos by dispensing events has been changed.

The Multimedia report allows you to view videos for a certain period or when an event takes place.

Generate a Multimedia report. For convenience, you can divide the screen into two and create an Events report as well.

Multimedia Report

The icon next to an event shows the current status of the video and allows you to download or view it.

In the update of this report, we focused on improving its performance, as well as increasing its stability during the creation process.

OO Releases 4.5.88-4.5.90:

1. This release has also introduced some changes to the “Multitank. Fuel volume in the tanks” report.

The error which stopped the graph from being generated in some cases has been fixed in this version of Omnicomm Online.

This report will be useful for owners of fuel tankers and other fuel-carrying vehicles, and for owners of vehicles with more than one tank.

To access this report:

  1. Select the vehicle
  2. Specify the time period
  3. Click the “Add report” button
  4. In the “Graphs” section, select “Multitank. Fuel volume in the tanks”.

Multitank. Fuel volume in the tanks

The graph shows the fuel volume in the tanks for the selected period of time.

2. This release introduced two changes to Geofence Features.

The first change is the increased stability of the service. OO 4.5.90 and later versions allow you to display over 500 geofences on the screen at one time.

The second change concerns the minimum geofence radius. It is now equal to 5 meters. This radius is useful to monitor vehicles entering a garage (if there are several of them) or a limited area.

Geofence Features

A geofence is a virtual limited area on a map used to monitor vehicle movements inside such areas. Commonly tracked factors include speeding, fuel consumption, engine hours, number of visits to a geofence, and other parameters. You can create geofences in the Track or Location reports.

3. Exporting data to Excel format

The error which stopped some of the data to be exported to Excel has been fixed in the new OO version. The error concerned the following reports: Summary report, Shifts report for drivers, and Geofence Visiting.

The set of displayed parameters can be selected in report settings in the right-click menu.

This report can be exported to Excel:

  1. Select “Export to xls”
  2. Name the file and specify its location.

4. Safe Driving: the address import error has been fixed.

The Violations report now displays the address of each event/violation for the Safe driving events.

If you have questions, please contact our technical support team at [email protected].