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Omnicomm Online - April, 2019


1. Added Change Technical Support E-Mail option in Users section

You can now add an e-mail address which can be used to contact technical support in the Users section. To do so, select Change Technical Support E-Mail and enter the current email address.Please note, that messages addressed to Technical Support will be sent to this email regardless of the email address that previously appeared in the user profile.

Partners who previously had a queue set up in OTRS will continue receiving messages from the users.

Change technical support e-mail

Change technical support e-mail

Detailed information is available by the following link: http://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-administration/review/connection/message

2. New Group Ratings diagram is now available

This diagram displays vehicle ratings by the following parameters:

  • mileage
  • engine hours
  • fuel consumption
  • consumption per 100 km
  • operation under load

The green sections of the chart stay for the vehicles operating inside the set limits, the red parts for the vehicles working above the established thresholds.

Group Ratings

3. Activation of Safe Driving for a group of vehicles in the Services menu

You can now activate Safe Driving for a group of vehicles or for the entire monitored fleet at once.

Safe driving

4. New geofence type – Map

You can now add user maps of the area.

To do so, in the Geofences section:

1. Select the Map icon

2. Click on Choose File and upload the map image to create a geofence. Supported formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, tif, png, svg, cdr, sgm, dfx, wmf.

3. Select a point on the map where you wish to create a geofence. A rectangular geofence with the uploaded image will appear on the map.

You can also adjust the opacity of user maps, use the geofence name instead of the address and monitor speed limits in a geofence.


5. Track point exclusion from the Log report and data recalculation in all reports

You can now manually exclude coordinates overshoot from mileage and track calculations. To do this, in the Log report check the Exclude box in the lines you wish to exclude from the calculation for correct results. Then, select Save Exclusions in the context menu. These points will be excluded from track and mileage for all users with rights to the vehicle for which the exception is made. Exclusions may be set only by users with the corresponding permissions.


6. Exclude points from the track when the ignition is off

A solution for the situations when track overshoots appear on third-party terminals when the ignition is off. To build a Track report disregarding the data from a vehicle with the ignition turned off, in the Movement section of the vehicle profile, check the box: Exclude points with the ignition off from the track. When activating the exclusion based on mileage and speed, the points at which the ignition is turned off will be excluded. Exclusion of points from the calculations of mileage and speed occurs only when selecting Method of Calculating Mileage and Speed: Speed by GPS, mileage by GPS coordinates (excluding coordinates overshoot).

Setting up Excluding points from the track when the ignition is off