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Omnicomm Online - March, 2020


1. Statuses of OKO video terminal in the «Log» report

During the operation of a video monitoring solution there are often situations when you need to understand whether the camera is connected, how full the memory of data storage device is, whether the connection to the video server is good.

The statuses of the video terminal are displayed in the «Log» report for these purposes. The functionality is available for OKO 3.0 video terminals that will be on sale, as well as when using a new firmware version for the previous version of OKO video terminals. Details of the release of new firmware and new version of the video terminal will be announced soon.

To do this, you can select the parameters in the «OKO video» section of the «Setting up the Log report» window:

  • Loss of camera signal
  • Camera recording
  • Connecting SDCARD
  • Volume of SDCARD
  • Free on SDCARD
  • DVR is connected to the server
  • Time of DVR event
  • DVR error

Graphing by parameters «Loss of camera signal», «Camera recording», «Connecting SDCARD», «DVR is connected to the server» have not been implemented at the moment.

Find more information about the «Log» report.

Find more information about the «Video» report.

Find more details about loading of video: «Video».

2. The «SafeDrive: Drivers Rating» report design has been updated

Find more information about the «Drivers Rating» report.

3. Vehicle Profile: The number of characters in the «Designation» parameter has been increased

You can now enter more than 30 characters to accommodate all relevant vehicle information.

Find more information about the “Vehicle Profile” section: https://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-administration/review/connection/add

4. Address displaying in the «Log» report

You can send a request to technical support an e-mail [email protected] in order to obtain the rights to display «Setting up the address displaying».

• Display the address - turn on to display the address of the current vehicle location

• All - turn on to display the complete vehicle address

• Abbreviations - turn on to abbreviate address parameters (such as st., ave.)

• Select the parameters to display in the address:

• Country

• Region

• City/town

• Street

• Building

• Zip code

Find more information about the «Log» report.

5. Analog sensor: total value during the period

To fix the amount of work performed by auxiliary equipment, we have implemented the calculation of exceeding the set threshold by an analog sensor. To do this, you can select the parameter “Total value during the period” in the “Auxiliary equipment operation” section of the “Statistics” report. If there are several universal inputs, the parameter will be calculated separately for each sensor.

Find more information about the «Statistics» report.