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Omnicomm Online - August, 2020


1. Automatic adjustment of the LLS 5 sensor in Omnicomm Online

The Omnicomm Online reports have been expanded to make the LLS 5 sensor's automatic adjustment technology easier to observe. The LLS 5 adjustment information shows how wrong any other sensor not furnished with the automatic adjustment function would be when a different fuel is used. The high precision of the LLS 5 allows one to better monitor the refueling operations.

The LLS 5 adjustment data is used in the following reports:

  • Log. The new fields “Adjustment” and “Change %” display the automatic adjustment values of LLS 5. They can also be used to build a graph.
  • Fuel volume. Displays the adjustment points of LLS 5 with information.
  • Statistics. Added a section containing information on the LLS 5 adjustment for the period.
  • Events. Displays events when the threshold of LLS 5 coefficient change exceeds the value set in the “Vehicle Profile”.
  • Refueling and Draining. Added a new field with information on LLS 5 adjustment during refueling. The exclamation mark means that the LLS 5 change threshold set in the “Vehicle Profile” has been exceeded.
  • Track. At refueling points, a pop-up window displays information about the LLS 5 adjustment.

Fuel Volume

Refueling and Draining

To view the results of the LLS 5 sensor automatic adjustment technology in Omnicomm Online, please contact our technical support team at [email protected].