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Omnicomm Online - March, 2019


1. Gazpromneft Fuel Cards Support

A new operator has been added to the Fuel Cards section: it is now possible to verify the information on refueling operations paid for using Gazpromneft fuel cards with the refueling data received by OMNICOMM Online from the fuel-level sensor. To use this option clients need to request their supervision in Gazpromneft-Fuel cards.

Gazpromneft fuel cards support

2. Engine Load Distribution by Time Period diagram available

The diagram shows engine running time distribution into idle, normal and overload.

Engine Load Distribution by time Period

3. Maintenance Schedule Report

Now the report that is used to create maintenance service requests and monitor work progress is available from the general report panel.

Maintenance schedule

4. New API Features

An external application (e.g., an ERP system) can now create a user (an account) or a vehicle profile in OMNICOMM Online. For more information about OMNICOMM Online integration opportunities, please see: http://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-integration_api

5. Representation of GSM/GPS signal jamming detection in OMNICOMM Online

The information on cases of active jamming of the GPS and GSM signals and their length detected by Omnicomm on-board terminals is now displayed in the Log report.

Signal jamming

6. Data from the absolute engine meter in the Summary Report

Summary Report

The data from the engine hour meter is now shown in the Summary Report (like in the Maintenance Schedule report)

The initial value of the engine hour meter can be set up in the “Setting the initial values for maintenance control” section of the vehicle profile

Summary Report

7. A tenth of a temperature degree displaying is added in the Log report

8. Changes to the Vehicle Grouping Settings

The option of adding a vehicle to a group or moving it between groups is now available from the vehicle profile. The possibility of changing vehicle grouping has been removed from the object tree to avoid accidental movement of the vehicle between groups.