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Omnicomm Online - October, 2020


1. A new addition to Omnicomm SafeDrive: deducting penalty points for violations registered within a geofence

From now on, the violations will be registered in the selected geofences and the penalty points will be calculated taking into account the preset coefficient.

Find out more in the documentation.

In SafeDrive, it is possible to register a violation in a selected geofence and deduct additional penalty points for it.

To do this, in the “Bad habits” tab, select the event for which the violation is registered, the name of the geofence, check the box for “Register the violation only in geofences” and enter the coefficient by which the deducted penalty points will be increased.

The reports “SafeDrive: Driver rating” and “SafeDrive: Violation details” will display only violations in the selected geofences and the accrued penalty points will take into account the coefficient.

Fuel Volume

2. Expanding the features of OKO Light

Partners now have the option to manage the OKO Light terminal. You can now link OKO Light to any terminal in the Omnicomm Online interface, which will allow you to make use of the full functionality of the video terminal.

To get the full video functionality, you can link the OKO Light terminal to any other Omnicomm terminal. To do this, you can link and unlink the OKO Light terminal ID in the “Vehicle profile” section.

Refueling and Draining

To get an access to full functionality of an account with dealer rights, contact the technical support at [email protected]

Find out more in the documentation.