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Omnicomm Online - December, 2019


1. New events for automatic video upload from OMNICOMM OKO video terminal

You can now set up download rules for the events “Beginning / end of exceeding the speed threshold inside the Geofence” and select geofences for which the events must be generated.

To set up the automatic download rules in the Administration section, select “Video download rules”, then in the “Type of the event triggering the notifications” select “Movement” and type of the required event under the “Movement”. Uploaded videos are available in the “Multimedia/Video”, “Events”, and “Violations” reports.

2. Accelerometer data is now available in “Log” report without “SafeDrive” module activation

Now accelerometer data from the vehicles equipped with on-board trackers with built-in accelerometer is available in the “Log” report without additional subscription for the OMNICOMM Online SafeDrive module.

3. Support for Teltonika FMB001 accelerometer parameters

You can now activate OMNICOMM Online SafeDrive module for vehicles equipped with Teltonika FMB001 OBD tracker. The acceleration values will be taken into account to record violations and “Safe Driving” events. The data is available in the following reports: “Log”, “Events”, “Violations”, “SD: Driver Rating”, “SD: Violation Details”.


4. New Rest-API methods implemented

1. Creating links to the “Location” and “Track” reports without authorization

Links to the “Location” and “Track” reports without signing in to OMNICOMM Online platform. Recently we have added the option to create shared links to the “Location” and “Track” reports available without authorization in OMNICOMM Online. This feature is useful to provide real-time data for example about cargo delivery to the customer. For better integration with 3rd party IT systems we have added new Rest-API methods. When such shared link is created OMNICOMM Online forwards all the link parameters to a 3rd party IT system, for example a CRM.

Description of methods in the documentation:


Please contact our Support team to request administration rights for shared link creation.

2. Get requested parameter groups from the “Statistics” report for the set of vehicle / group of vehicles IDs for a time period.

Description of the method in the documentation: https://developers.omnicomm-world.com/#/Reports_under_construction/getStatistics