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Omnicomm Online - July, 2019


1. Creating User Workspaces

You can now create a combination of the reports most relevant for your business and save it as a “Workspace”.To save a custom workspace right-click on the tab of the created Workspace and select “Save as…” from the context-menu. In the opened window you can assign a name and add a description to each “Workspace”. You can edit and manage workspaces through the Administration section in the workspaces sub-section.

Creating user workspaces

Creating user workspaces

Creating user workspaces

Links to the documentation:



2. View Location and Track reports without authorization

Please contact [email protected] for permission to create links.

You can now create public links to the “Location” and “Track” reports and share them with users who have no accounts in OMNICOMM Online. This feature is especially useful, for example, when a customer who is not using OMNICOMM Online needs to know the cargo location. The fleet operator can create a link to share access to the report and send it to the customer. The customer will be able to see the cargo on the map, by passing the OMNICOMM Online authorization page. In this version this feature is available for OSM maps only. Support for other map types is under development. To create a public link, select “Share link” / “Create link”. In the opened drop-down list you will see the full list of such created public links. After the expiry date, the link will be highlighted in grey and stored in the list for 3 more days before deleting.

Reports viewing

By default, the link is assigned a name corresponding to the vehicle name. You can change the name, expiry date, and data availability period in the link creation/editing window. The period is set to “Relative” by default, i.e., if you select 5 hours, the information about the objects for the last 5 hours will be available. If “Fixed” is selected, the report for the specified date will be available.

Reports viewing

Upon clicking “Save”, the report access link will be automatically saved to the clipboard and displayed in the “Report Link” field.

Links to the documentation:



3. Geofence Duplication

If you need to create an identical or similar geofence to the existing one, you can now select the geofence that you wish to duplicate, right-click and choose «Create a geofence duplication». The geofence editor with all the selected geofence parameters will open: the duplicated geofence name can be easily modified. By default, it’ll be set as “<geofence name> copy”.

Geofence duplication

Links to the documentation: http://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-manual/zone

4. Search for multiple vehicles in Omnicomm Online administration panel

The search field is changed in the “Vehicle profile” section in the Administration panel. To find several vehicles by ID, please enter multiple vehicle IDs separated by commas. For example, 346000101,2360154,202360154 or 346000, 2360154, 202360. To find several vehicles by their names, list the names separated by commas in the “name:” field. For example, name:DAF,ТС1,VOLVO or DAF, ТС1, VOLVO.

Links to the documentation: http://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-administration/vehicle