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Firmware Change Log

Date Firmware Version Changes
July 26, 2018 FW 305 - upgraded GPS connection (satellite loss, track gaps solved)
- failure after page reloading rectified
- track gaps in case of CS failure eliminated
January 14, 2019 FW 307 - solved factory reset issue when cleaning the terminal data archive or in case of on-board network voltage drop
- enhanced GPS communication (eliminated periodic coordinate discarding at 00-00 UTC)
- solved a problem of lack of communication with Profi Wi-Fi terminals, if there is a 0 in IP-address (for example,
- rectified freezing of Omnicomm LLS-AF fuel level sensor values when the terminal switches to Collect all except GPS mode
March 20, 2019 FW 308 - implemented the function of collecting arbitrary CAN-parameters from VH operating according to FMS, and displaying CAN data in Omnicomm Online
- terminal factory reset eliminated
- solved failures of terminal time stamps, VID, PID
- added protection from satellite loss due to QZSS (Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)
- implemented the function of the terminal calling back to the number in case of bad voice connection
October 31, 2019 FW 309 - a new speed filtration algorithm when selecting GPS data source developed
- it is now possible to transfer data to 3 Communication Servers simultaneously
- a possible period of data collection has been decreased to one time per 1 second
- now up to 2 digital LLS fuel level sensors can be connected to Smart terminals, and up to 4 digital sensors – to Light 3.1
- GSM / Wi-Fi signal level is displayed now
- GPS and GSM signals jamming detector added for Optim and Light terminals (starting from January 1, 2019 release date)
- CAN-LOG universal controller series B now supported
- ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system now supported
- automatic detection of MAC-address of Profi Wi-Fi terminals added
- accelerometer calibration state is now displayed at the Remote Configuration Server
- sending of non-transmitted data is implemented over GSM network for Profi Wi-Fi terminals
- the number of geofences has been increased to 60, and the number of peaks to 240
September 21, 2020 FW 310 - Custom MODBUS protocol supported
- operation with iQFreeze R and Pro supported
- temperature sensor connection settings have been changed
March 5, 2021 FW 311

- added SMS command to set speed value for communication with CAN bus
- implemented support for the Omnicomm OKO Light video recorder |