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Setting Overview

Omnicomm terminals may be configured in two ways:

  1. In the Omnicomm Configurator when the terminal is connected to a PC
  2. In the Remote Configuration Server (RCS) – remotely

Initial terminal setting shall be carried out in Omnicomm Configurator.

Omnicomm Configurator

1. Connection the terminal to a PC using USB cable

2. Download the latest version of Omnicomm Configurator from the website.

3. Install and run Omnicomm Configurator. A window will open:

 Omnicomm Configurator

4. Select equipment – “Terminal”.

Advanced mode allows you to configure all the equipment parameters available.

List of parameters shown in advanced mode only:

In the “Communication” section:

  • Data collection and transmission blocking
  • EGTS protocol settings
  • Communication Server No. 2, No. 3 connection settings
  • GSM and SMS communication parameters
  • Roaming connection parameters
  • Roaming parameters

In the “RS-485 and RS-232 Interfaces Configuration” section:

  • “CAN-log”
  • “J1708”
  • “NMEA reception”
  • “NMEA transmission”
  • “PP-01”
  • “Camera”
  • “DV-01”
  • “Tachograph VDO”
  • “iQFreeze”
  • “TPMS Pressure Pro”
  • “ALM Weight Indicator”
  • “Carrier Reefer”

In the “Auxiliary equipment” section:

  • Panic button parameters
  • Accelerometer parameters

Sections “Universal inputs”, “CAN”, “Identification”, “Geofences”, “Outputs”, “Driving Control”.

Remote Configuration Server (RCS)

To connect to the configuration server, open the browser and in its address bar enter the address http://config.omnicomm.ru:9911/#en. A window will open:

The main window of the remote configurator service

To add terminals:

  1. In the “Terminal ID” field enter the terminal identification number
  2. In the “Password” field enter the password set in the terminal during its setting using Omnicomm Configurator program
  3. Press the “+” button