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Omnicomm Configurator

1. Connection the terminal to a PC using USB cable

2. Download the latest version of Omnicomm Configurator from the website.

3. Install and run Omnicomm Configurator. A window will open:

 Omnicomm Configurator

4. Select equipment – “Terminal”.

Advanced mode allows you to configure all the equipment parameters available.

List of parameters shown in advanced mode only:

In the “Communication” section:

  • Data collection and transmission blocking
  • EGTS protocol settings
  • Communication Server No. 2, No. 3 connection settings
  • GSM and SMS communication parameters
  • Roaming connection parameters
  • Roaming parameters

In the “RS-485 and RS-232 Interfaces Configuration” section:

  • “CAN-log”
  • “J1708”
  • “NMEA reception”
  • “NMEA transmission”
  • “PP-01”
  • “Camera”
  • “DV-01”
  • “Tachograph VDO”
  • “iQFreeze”
  • “TPMS Pressure Pro”
  • “ALM Weight Indicator”
  • “Carrier Reefer”

In the “Auxiliary equipment” section:

  • Panic button parameters
  • Accelerometer parameters

Sections “Universal inputs”, “CAN”, “Identification”, “Geofences”, “Outputs”, “Driving Control”.