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There are two types of workspaces in Omnicomm Online:

  • Executive's desktop is a report containing general information on all VH of the user. Description of the Executive's desktop is given in the “Reports” section
  • Workspace is a combined set of related reports on the VH. Please see the example:


The maximum number of reports on the workspace:

  • 10 reports, each 1/2 of the desktop in size
  • 20 reports, each 1/4 of the desktop in size

To save a user workspace:

  1. Select a vehicle
  2. Select reports to create a user workspace. User workspaces may not be based on “Fuel balance”, “Refueler Statement”, “Violation details”, “Driver rating” reports
  3. Right-click the workspace tab and select “Save as”.

A window will open:

Save workspace

“Enter the workspace name” - enter the name that will be displayed in the list of workspaces. Maximum length: 255 characters.

“Enter the workspace description” - enter a short description of the workspace reports. Maximum length: 1000 characters.

Workspace display settings can be modified in the “Administration” section, see Workspace display settings.